Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 - Ewen Chia's Best Converting Clickbank Product

Look inside the members area for the newly updated secret affiliate weapon and see if this affiliate marketing blueprint is for you!

Monday, 8 December 2008

What Is Clickbank And How To Market A Product

A quick overview of Clickbank and what it has to offer an affiliate who is looking to earn from the digital marketplace, this is an introductory video that reviews the beginning steps to become an affiliate and why you should at least think about it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

How To Spot Fake Proof Of Clickbank Earnings Screenshots

There are scam artists out there, especially online who would have you believe that they are super earners online, especially with using clickbank, some are and some are not, usually we make a decision based on what we see and read.

This is a quick post to explain two of the common sense ways to spot fake screen shots and unrealistic claims, I myself have been sucked into a few things that claimed this and that and then they just took the piss by not providing a refund or their product itself was not up to scratch.

A good blog that goes into detail about this is by Adam Wong, he tells it better than I could.

Number 1 The outrageous earnings claims

More often than not you will come across sites that claim to make you cash almost instantly, like within the next half an hour, whilst this could be possible with an adwords campaign, but even then it is an unrealistic statement, especially for anyone new who expects to be taught the ins and outs of adwords within 30 minutes, but the simple fact of a statement like earn $10,000 within the 30 minutes is just ridiculous, as it assumes you are an instant expert at marketing too, the whole point here is that some top marketers use these bold statements as hooks to draw a buyer in.

I think that the more professional internet marketers now are using other more benefit driven hooks to draw in their buyers and future customers and that they may use some of these out of touch claims, but then rely on other personal touches in their sales copy that strikes a chord with the reader on a personal emotional level.

Outrageous earning claims should be seen as one of the most influencing factors into not buying the product based on that assumption that you will earn an insane amount in a short time frame.

Number 2 The Earnings check

Some just feel the need to try and include their earnings with a clickbank check screen shot, but do they look real?
Are they real?

I think they do this to inflate their egos, if they are true, then great. But if they are just lies, then the fact of them lying, is lying to others obviously, but to themselves aswell as this only serves as a reminder to themselves that they earn little to nothing from clickbank in reality

They will show the usual clickbank stats page too, to go with their check and this is vastly over inflated too, if you can't see a clear image of the check, how much is actually earned, spelling mistakes on the check, odd things like this all stand out, so if you ever have a Clickbank check yourself, then take a good clear copy of it and show it on your blog, make it the standard that you would always check to see if other sites are using genuine and legitmate screenshots of earnings that can be backed up.

How Do I Earn From Clickbank?

This is one of the number one questions any affiliate marketer has about trying to earn online, and they often think in terms of adding a link to a website and then with some more banners that are off topic, with a related or unrelated piece of writing that serves no purpose.

Also the top marketers who use clickbank, make it sound even easier to earn from clickbank, which sets them up for disappointment when they earn little to nothing from their inexperienced efforts.

Of course we all know that the best way, is to choose a product that you yourself can believe that you would buy and that it is in a niche market that you are interested in, this will sustain your motivation to be involved in the long run.

Also some say that to buy an affiliate product then use it or read it, then you will have more of an idea how this would benefit the potential buyers from your website, some people simply read the sales page as this is usually listed there in bullet points or bolded text, but in some cases I would go beyond and really test something out to give it a powerful review.

Really though there is a debate for starting out as an affiliate on any product or range of products and the two sides of this are, Do I need a website and a domain name?, I would say yes, but to start out with you can use free services to test the water as it were, free blogging sites, free web pages like Squidoo or hub pages, just make them unique, original and useful.

The other side to this would be that there is no need for a website at all, just a simple means to build a list and that is it, you would rely on making sales through your growing email list and this works quite well for some.

So in conclusion How do I earn from Clickbank?

Find a couple of really good products

Select a niche for your products to fit into

Get traffic to your simple offer, whether it be a squeeze page or direct affiliate link to the clickbank product

Measure your sales stats, see where sales are coming from if possible

Once you have this set up, make it automated to run itself

Then start other affiliate campaigns

This sounds kind of vague, but I will go into detail each and every step to help you along the way to actually earning with clickbank, I myself am not earning alot, but I am earning quite regularly with using the things that I have learned and picked up along the way.